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                        Business and Products
                        Chinatex is one of the initiators of the national cotton trading market.  It is a large domestic cotton trading enterprise with the largest scale of imported cotton in China. Chinatex is committed to maintaining the safety of the national cotton industry, and is committed to building a world-class cotton trader with global competitiveness.
                        Manufacturing plants
                        China textile owns 4 cotton textile enterprises, with 335,000 cotton spinning spindles and 218 shuttleless looms.The company has a number of national patents in the field of cotton textile, is the drafter of a number of national standards, and is one of the major suppliers of one of the major special yarn suppliers of PLA
                        Printing and Dyeing
                        China Textile has 4 knit printing and dyeing bases (3 in China and 1 in overseas), with an annual output of more than 120,000 tons of knitted printing and dyeing fabrics, ranking the top three in Asia. The company aims at the international advanced equipment level, develops intelligent manufacturing, strengthens brand leadership, and is committed to becoming a green environmental protection factory practitioners and high-quality listed enterprises.
                        The Garment
                        The scale of Chinatex’s garment manufacturing business is 20 million pieces per year, and the export volume exceeds 200 million US dollars. The company has a relatively complete industrial chain from the forefront of market sales to its own production and processing enterprises, and has a warehouse distribution centers in the United States, Japan and other countries. Guided by big customers, big varieties and big brands, Chinatex is committed to strengthening and manufacturing garments through production and service extension.
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                        HUMAN RESOURCES
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